What True Roots Offers:

True Roots offers landscaping services in St. George and the surrounding areas of southern Utah, Nevada, and Arizona.

 But you’re not just looking for landscaping. You’re looking to surround your home with an outdoor space with a warm, inviting welcome. A one-of-a-kind look that suits your needs. A place where your family can create lasting memories.

Whether it’s a large space or a tiny condo-sized backyard, we know how to combine plants, texture, lighting, levels, and focal features to reflect your personality while creating those welcoming environments.

True Roots will make sure your landscape is as low-maintenance as you like. We’ll provide you with easy-to-care-for and climate-appropriate suggestions for plantings. And we’ll take care of the paperwork with your HOA.

To top it all off, we promise, we’ll make your neighbors jealous.

A worker smoothes out soil during landscape construction

Residential Landscaping

At every home we landscape, we strive to make certain the outdoor spaces become the focus of memories made for decades to come. It’s a huge part of who we are.

Your children will remember long summer days sitting next to the pool. Friends will fondly recall sitting around the fire pit enjoying good conversation. The grandkids will always remember bouncing on the trampoline and playing golf with grandma on the synthetic putting green. And relatives from near and far will recall the backyard barbeques that delighted the senses and their tastebuds.

That’s what we want your landscape to create.

We utilize plants and landscaping techniques that make maintaining your landscape as easy as possible in our harsh desert climate. We take into account drainage, soil types, and runoff to help your plants thrive.

In short, we create, easy to maintain, beautiful outdoor environments where we hope you and your loved ones will spend countless cherished hours for years to come.

Commercial Landscaping

As a business owner, you know how important first impressions can be. Clients, vendors, potential business partners, and anyone else who visits your office building, restaurant, or storefront should have a positive impression of your business from the moment they pull into your parking lot.

With every commercial project we undertake, we keep that first impression factor in mind.

We create beautiful landscapes that require as little maintenance as possible. Tailored to our desert climate, your landscape will create a welcoming feeling and a positive first impression for years to come.

And if your business is the type that utilizes outdoor spaces, either for guests or employees, we’ll take the same care and approach we do with our residential projects to make certain your outdoor spaces are the places where memories can be made.

Your hotel will have amazing places for relaxing outdoors and your employees will love having a beautiful spot for a company barbeque.

Synthetic Turf is a great, water-wise, way to landscape.

Synthetic Turf

The benefits of artificial grass are numerous. No watering, no fertilizing, no mowing, no edging, no weeding. And it’s always green.

If you think it won’t look as good as the real thing, you might be surprised. Artificial grass has come a long way since it first lined the floor of the Astrodome in the 1960s. It looks and feels more like real grass these days.

Not sure which is the best fake grass for your home? Or maybe you’ve got dogs and need something that will stand up to their abuse? There are quite a few different choices and it is hard to know which will be the best value for your money.

Let us take that worry away. We’ve been designing landscapes and working with artificial turf for years. We only use the best quality artificial grass which lasts longer, looks better and feels better to walk on. Inexpensive turf like you buy at hardware stores will struggle with our St. George sun.

Custom Landscape Design

We love collaboration and are firm believers that great ideas don’t come from just one person. We enjoy working with homeowners who have landscaping ideas for their yards because when you put ideas together it makes all the difference in the world.

But, on the other hand, if you aren’t quite sure what you want, we can help point you in the right direction. We’re happy to bring it together and present you with a fully formed plan. Give us a wishlist: an in-ground trampoline; fire pit; gazebo; barbecue grill; raised planter beds; and a sitting area where you can watch the sunsets. We’ll figure out where it will fit for you.

Block Walls, Patios, & Walkways

Benches, raised planter beds, walkways, driveways, terraces, patios – there really isn’t much you can’t build out of pavers, porcelain tile, or flagstone. And we’ve done it all. Whatever your landscaping ideas when it comes to hardscaping, we can provide the solution.

We pride ourselves on the spaces we create. And utilizing hardscape materials like pavers and natural rocks to define those spaces is our specialty.

Steps created from natural rock. A gathering place created with a patio made from flagstones. These are the types of features we love to incorporate into a landscape to help facilitate the making of memories.

We also provide masonry services so if the wall around your property needs to be raised to bring your new pool up to code or you need an extension, or an entire perimeter block wall around your new home, we can get the job done.

Water Features & Fire Pits

Water features, fountains, firepits. The splashing and bubbling of water, the crackle and roar of a warm fire. These are some of the features that can help to create spectacular focal points in your landscape.

After all, the purpose of a backyard is to have a place to gather friends and family and enjoy the outdoors. What better way to add to the ambiance of your outdoor space than to incorporate flowing water or a spot for a warm fire to gather together around in the cooler months?

We’ll work with you to find where and how you want to create those central attractions around which your landscape will revolve.

We’ll also help you with landscape ideas to define different spaces around the different features in your landscape. We’re experts at creating separate areas for sitting by the fire, jumping on the trampoline, and swimming in the pool. But at the same time, making those separate features all feel like they’re part of the same design is one of the hallmarks of a True Roots landscape.

Expert Plant Selection

St. George and the surrounding area are part of a unique geological transition zone where the Mojave Desert, Colorado Plateau, and Great Basin all converge. This creates dramatic changes in elevation, rainfall, and average daily temperatures in the region.

What you should plant in Mesquite will be very different from what you’d want to plant just 40 miles away in Dammeron Valley. Mesquite is unlikely to see freezing temperatures for more than a few days every year. While Dammeron Valley sits at an elevation nearly 3,000 feet higher than Mesquite and sees much colder average daily temperatures and regularly sees snow and freezing cold.

Even within the city limits of St. George, the differences can be dramatic and with more than a half dozen different USDA plant hardiness zones in our region, knowing what to plant and where to plant it is a challenge.

With decades of experience in the field, the experts at True Roots will guide you through the options for your particular location. We’ll provide landscape ideas that will work in your hardiness zone. And we’ll make sure your plants if properly cared for, will survive and thrive for decades to come.

Custom Landscape Lighting

Lighting is an often under-looked and under-appreciated aspect of most landscape ideas and designs. But it’s the main feature that most stands out after dark for most homes. Lighting places accents on the features you want to highlight in your landscape. It can also add drama, feeling, safety, and security to your home.

It’s more than just placing a few solar lights under a couple of palm trees or stringing rows of walkway lights along the path leading to your front door.

A well-lit home with a well-lit landscape creates a warm and welcoming environment. Visitors will feel welcome while vandals and burglars will stand out in the lights.

All of this leads to greater curb appeal and more value in your home.

The experts at True Roots will help develop your landscape ideas around lighting and can make just about any wish a reality when it comes to lighting.

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