St. George landscaping company, True Roots, specializes in new construction and remodel landscaping.

True Roots has the experience to guide your project from the design phase through execution. And with roots that run deep and true in southern Utah, Steve Crosset and his team have the knowledge to ensure your St. George landscape will flourish. Even in the hot and dry climate in this corner of the desert southwest.

The plants they suggest for your project will thrive in the conditions and temperatures found at your home for decades to come. Crossett and his team will also amend your soil, adjust drainage, and properly place irrigation systems to create optimal conditions for each plant in your new yard. Whether you live in the hotter climate of Mesquite or in the higher and cooler elevations of Central or Diamond Valley north of St. Geoge, True Roots will guide you toward the right plants for your growing region.

Crossett chose the name True Roots for his company because of a deep love for the area. After moving to southern Utah over a decade ago, Crosset got the feeling that this area was his home. “I’m not a native but I chose this as my home. I feel like I had a real calling to be in St. George. I dreamed about it before I moved here and it’s ingrained in my soul,” Crossett said.

True Roots also describes our hope that you and your family will be able to place true roots at your newly landscaped home. “We don’t just slap in a landscape and head to the next job. We look at each landscape like a piece of artwork,” Crossett said.

“Every home has a personality. Someone’s going to live there, kids are going to grow up and they’re going to remember that place. I want them to always remember where they grew up. And that they played as kids in that beautiful backyard.”

Our Process:



Custom landscape Design drawing from True Roots

Consultation & Design

We love collaboration and are firm believers that great ideas don’t come from just one person. We enjoy working with homeowners who have ideas for their yards because when you put ideas together it makes all the difference in the world.

But, on the other hand, if you aren’t quite sure what you want, we can help point you in the right direction. We’re happy to bring it together and present you with a fully formed plan. Give us a wishlist: an in-ground trampoline; fire pit; gazebo; barbecue grill; raised planter beds; and a sitting area where you can watch the sunsets. We’ll figure out where it will fit for you.

We’ll also take care of submitting the plans to the HOA, answering heir questions and getting your design approved if the need arises.



A worker smoothes out soil during landscape construction

Construction & Build

We’ll be the first to admit, things may get a little bit messy here. We’ll need to dig up your back yard and often need to remove block walls to get our equipment into position on your property. But trust us, no matter how things look in the middle of your project, when it’s done, it’s always worth it.

We make certain every stone, every plant, and every paver are in exactly the right place when we leave your new backyard.

We’ll also leave you with detailed instructions on the care and feeding of your new landscape. We’re not just a plant it and forget it kind of company. We want you to succeed when it comes to keeping your new landscape looking it’s best for years to come.



Backyard Wedding in a beautifully landscaped yard

Enjoy Your New Backyard

We design landscapes with your long term happiness in mind. We aim to create spaces where your family can create a lifetime of memories.

Backyard barbeques. Drinks with friends around the fire pit. Playing catch or a little hoops with the kids. Having the grandkids help you pick tomatoes from the raised planter boxes. Or maybe you’ll someday host your daughter’s wedding reception in your backyard. These are just a few of the types of activities and memories we love knowing your family will be enjoying in the spaces we design.

And know this, you’re never just a job to us. We look forward to enjoying our relationships with our clients for years to come. If you ever have questions, even years down the road, we’re always here to help. If you want to know where we got those pavers so you can expand a pathway on your own decades from now, call us. Or if you need little help years from now with landscaping around that jacuzzi tub you finally got around to buying, we’ve got your back.

Areas We Serve:

We are proud to call Washington City, Utah our home. We provide landscape design and installation throughout southern Utah including but not limited to the following areas:

St. George Landscaper True Roots Landscaping and Design creates waterwise xeriscape landscapes, paver patios, and other hardscape designs throughout southern Utah.

Get Started:

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